The Language Learning Center at the University of Oklahoma provides technology, resources, and an engaging environment in which students, faculty, instructors, and visitors are supported in their language acquisition pursuits. The LLC creates opportunities for more meaningful contact with international languages through cultural programming, partnerships, technology, access to specialized resources, and modular, flexible, active learning spaces.


The Language Learning Center provides a variety of equipment to help students and faculty more effectively engage in the target language, both inside and outside of the classroom. Whether you need to shoot, edit, and produce a video project for your language class, prepare a presentation, record a conversation or an interview, explore new language learning apps individually or in groups, or share online content with others, we have the equipment. Our equipment pool is always changing to meet the shifting expectations of language learners. Come in today and ask one of our friendly LLC student specialists to see how the Language Learning Center can help.


Phone: (405)-325-1352
Email: llc@ou.edu
Address: 780 Van Vleet Oval
Kaufman Hall 228
Norman, OK 73019