The LLC offers a variety of learning resources for Russian, including software, videos, and listening materials. We also offer cultural events, language immersion sessions, and career workshops.

Russian students can also take advantage of a wide range of online language learning tools. To keep learning on your own, check out the links below! 

Russian-English Dictionaries:  (Click the middle tab under the search bar to translate Russian words to English.)

Wiktionary  (Enter a Russian word and Wiktionary will translate it to English.)


Note: You may also wish to download the Oxford Russian Dictionary App for iPhone or Android. 

Listen Live

Note: Of the radio stations listed at the above link, Echo of Moscow is especially valuable for its relatively independent news coverage and call-in talk shows, which present a broader range of opinions than most government-controlled programs. 


Note: The Mosfilm website offers live streaming of a vast array of films released during the Soviet period. Many films are available with English subtitles.

TV Kultura
CTC Media
Russia 1TV

Other Resources:
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