Arabic Flagship

A merit-based undergraduate program designed for learners of Arabic who seek to achieve superior language proficiency while pursuing degrees in the academic majors of their choice.

Genevieve Schmitt

The Arabic Club

To foster community amongst students learning Arabic and to offer them opportunities for cultural enrichment, while sharing our interest in Arabic and the middle east with the wider University of Oklahoma community.

Hossam Barakat



Chinese Corner

A regular campus activity held by the OU Confucius Institute for students who are interested in Chinese language and culture. Whether you are a novice or an expert, we will hold different group discussions for different levels.

Jansen Givens

Chinese Language Club

To facilitate growth in the students’ language skills in the Chinese language while exploring Chinese culture.

Amy Lantrip



French Club

The purpose of the French Club is to provide activities that promote the advancement of the French language culture at the University of Oklahoma.

Emmanuelle Chiocca



Delta Phi Alpha

This is a national German honors society established in 1948.

Jason Williamson

German Club

To provide activities which promote the advancement of German language and culture at the University of Oklahoma. These events host students, faculty, and staff of the Modern Languages Department (MLLL), as well as members of other departments and other individuals on campus and off.

Jason Williamson


The OU German conversation table.

Jason Williamson



Hebrew Club

To provide a group environment in which students of the Hebrew language can further their education, to connect members to other speakers of the Hebrew language, and to promote awareness and understanding of the cultures of Hebrew speakers.

Ori Kritz




We share interests in Italian language and culture.

Daniela Busciglio



Japanese Club

Japanese Club is made up of students who are interested in learning the Japanese language. The purpose of the club is to enhance students' Japanese speaking and language skills beyond the classroom as well as to promote group learning and encourage consistent language practice.

Shizuka Tatsuzawa




An organization that aims to give linguistics majors opportunity to socialize, and to host public lectures about linguistic topics.

Marcia Haag



Kappa Gamma Epsilon

The Student Honor Society of Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Linguistics seeks to encourage research and appreciation of modern languages and literature.

Dylan Herrick


Pegaso is a refereed journal sponsored by the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics of the University of Oklahoma, and in affiliation with World Literature Today.

Marcelo Rioseco

The United World

The United World 'promotes, cultivates, and provides opportunities and support for international awareness activities, and cultural sharing initiatives, which unite peoples with understanding of international cultures, issues, traditions, and the like.'

Salah Uweiti

Tierra Tinta

Tierra Tinta is the graduate student organization of the department of Modern Languages, Literatures, & Linguistics at the University of Oklahoma. Our purpose is to host an annual Modern Languages Conference at OU.

Jose Juan Colin

World Literature Today Student Advisory Board

WLT is an internationally acclaimed magazine that is celebrated for its involvement with the Neustadt Prize (known as the American version of the Nobel Prize for Literature) and the Puterbaugh Festival.

World Literature Today



Russian Club

Spread knowledge of Russian culture and language to the OU community, as well as get students involved in multi-cultural events that engage diversity around campus.

Rachick Virabyan



Spanish Club

To provide students with a club that allows for students to learn about and be involved in Spanish culture and language

Hilde Votaw